L.I.G.H.T Foundation Mentoring Academy is a faith based organization that offers an elite and comprehensive selection of programs for parents, young adults, teens and children.

Founder, AGoddess Love-Jamison teaches and promotes self-awareness, self-healing and self-love to instigate inner change. She is a Mother, a Grandmother, a Licensed Minister, a Transformation Life-Coach, a Mentor, an Author, and an Inspirational Teacher. AGoddess and her team provides a sacred place for open communication without judgement to empower young minds and to raise awareness of the unlimited potential we all have within ourselves, AGoddess Love- Jamison dedicates her life’s work as a Servant Leader.


We believe all children are at risk. At risk from peer pressure, society, social media, and their influences and experiences that can harm and make negative impacts to their lives. We help to heal them from these experiences by teaching life skills

To understand how to identify Stress, the triggers and cause of stress, how it can affect the physical, mental, and emotional state, and the behaviors it can cause. We also provide techniques, once identified, can be used to overcome and deal with stress.

To help understand thoughts, triggers, calming techniques and how to make different choices

To help understand the techniques to communicate openly and honestly on thoughts, feelings, and concerns as well as the benefits in expressing their thoughts as a form of therapeutic release.

Personal 1×1 coaching that deal with past environments, including abuse, that may have created feelings of depression, anxiety, abnormal behavior, and anger. We provide a safe space to allow children to express and share their experiences without the fear of judgement or disbelief to allow them the therapeutic experience of releasing and healing from life’s traumas.

To help create and maintain healthy boundaries. Identify different types of boundaries, creating boundaries, when boundaries are being violated, maintaining boundaries.

To help understand and appreciate how uniquely they are created and learn to identify and appreciate their strengths and abilities to create a greater sense of self-worth


  • We believe: Mentoring works best when it’s long-term, centered in community, and built around fun activities.
  • A positive attitude can transform a life, regardless of what one is going through.
  • We should all strive to be more compassionate, kind, and respectful.
  • Tolerating disrespectful and bad behavior damages kids and communities.
  • The children we mentor today, as adults they will light the path for our future generations.
  • Wounded children grow up to become broken adults if those wounds are not healed.
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